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20 January 2019



These 2 besties who share a birthday, gave themselves both an awesome birthday present. The gift of attending the Vision Board Workshop. Such a special day for them both, including some great ah-ha moments and connection with each other and like-minded peers.

Mum & daughter


This courageous mum invited her daughter along to the workshop. She bravely shared her story with the group, and gained clarity on where to go next in her journey. They strengthened their bond, and left with excited about the year ahead!

Getting comfy


At the Vision Board Workshop, you can get as comfy as you like :-) 

Reflection time


A crucial and exciting part of the morning is getting clarity and reflecting on what's important. Asking for what you want, and setting those intentions. Very powerful indeed.

A clean slate


This amazing participant attended her second Vision Board Workshop with me  this time.  Having gained new clarity last year, she has come with a clean slate to start 2019!

Big Dreams Await


10 Empowered participants left the workshop on Sunday, ready to take inspired action and dream big! 

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November 2018


In November 2018 I had the honour of leading THREE Vision Board Workshops - Here's what these amazing, strong & courageous women had to say...

"Worth every minute. Having to slow down and think of what I want out of life. Thank you."

"Calming, relaxing, enlightening."

"Thought-provoking, fun & relaxing."

"Inspiring, creative, and challenging (but in a good way). Exciting to put down on paper to view any time."

"Welcome time-out, and a chance to focus on me, and what I really want! Thank you."


"A great day of reflection to think about what is true and real to me. I set intentions that will guide me throughout the next year and beyond. Thank you for creating this safe space."

"Gave me clarity and direction, thank you, Leanne."

"A moment that has influenced my life...like a ripple effect."

"Exceptional!! And it certainly got my creative juices flowing, and made me confident I can move forward to something exciting and find my passion again."

Enlightening, empowering and very interesting. I cannot wait to share this with my friends."


Week-day Workshop Success!

The very first WEEK-DAY workshop was sold out! I was joined by 6 awesome participants. We took time to reflect, share, get clarity, and set some exciting intentions to guide them through the upcoming year. 

Special Events in March 2019

Mini Vision Board Workshop for Tweens


In March 2019 I had the honour of leading 6 mini Vision Board Workshops for 'Tween girls, in collaboration with Harper Bee.

Mini Vision Board Workshop for Tweens


Little girls have Big Dreams too!

Mini Vision Board Workshop for Tweens


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